Activating Schools

The Renaissance Place administrator must activate KeyWords RP for schools before they can use it.

Before you can activate schools, you must have at least one other Renaissance Place product (such as Accelerated Reader or STAR Maths).

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

School Network Administrators (Renaissance Place administrator)

  1. On the Home page, select KeyWords, then click Select schools to use KeyWords or Activate Schools. The link name depends on whether any schools have been activated so far.
  2. Click Activate by one school you want to activate on the Activate Schools page. Repeat this step for each school you want activated.
  3. Click Done when you have finished. The Reports and Resources links will now be available to teachers and school administrators in those schools on the Home page.

After the schools have been activated using the steps above, make sure that you edit classes as needed to select KeyWords as one of the products the class will use. If you have not yet added your keyboarding classes, select KeyWords when you add the classes.