Diagnostic Report

The Diagnostic Report shows the number of lessons completed by each student out of the total number available, the number of lessons passed out of those for which tests were taken and the percentage of lessons passed. For the last lesson, the report shows the letters or characters covered, each student's target for words per minute and errors, the student's actual words per minute and errors and the date on which data for that lesson was last submitted to Renaissance Place. Trouble values are marked with . If the last lesson was a pre-test or post-test, a dash is shown instead of the targets since targets do not apply to these tests.

The report also includes diagnostic codes to help teachers identify potential problems in student progress. You will find definitions of the codes and the number of students with each code on the bottom of the report.

This report can help teachers determine how to improve their students' performance, and it supports a direct discussion with an individual student's parents or guardians.

When you generate the report, you can choose these options:

  • Which classes or students to include
  • Which reporting parameter group to include (allows you to select students by school enrolment date, ethnicity, gender, language, characteristics or year)
  • The reporting time period (by marking period or custom date range)
  • Whether/how to group information on the report (do not group or group by class)
  • Whether to print the report options you chose on the report itself