NEO Manager and KeyWords RP

The NEO Manager software is the link between KeyWords in Renaissance Place and the KeyWords Wireless SmartApplet on your NEO 2s. In NEO Manager, you can do the following:

  • Import your Renaissance Place KeyWords students from the KeyWords tab in NEO Manager. You can then add those students to your NEO 2s by entering their user names and passwords, thus ensuring that the same students are on NEO 2s and in KeyWords RP.
  • Synchronise the KeyWords data from connected NEO 2s with the KeyWords RP data so that you can see the results of your students' KeyWords work in KeyWords RP reports.
  • If a Renaissance Receiver is connected to the computer where NEO Manager is installed, every time a student completes a KeyWords test on NEO 2, the NEO 2 sends the student's data to NEO Manager. Students and teachers can also choose to send the data to NEO Manager at any time. This data is then available in the reports on the KeyWords tab in NEO Manager.
  • Manage KeyWords SmartApplet settings on connected NEO 2s.

For more information about NEO Manager, refer to the NEO User Manual on the UK Software and Downloads CD or at You can install the NEO Manager software from the CD or download it from