Getting KeyWords RP Ready for a New School Year

Before you start each new school year, you need to check, add, edit and delete information in Renaissance Place as needed so that teachers are ready to use KeyWords RP with their new classes. Perform the tasks below when the previous school year has ended but before the start of the new school year.

Renaissance Place Tasks for the New School Year

KeyWords Tasks for the New School Year

  • Reset the KeyWords students on NEO 2s to remove previous students and their work. To do this, connect your NEO 2s or your SmartOption trolley to a computer with NEO Manager installed. Then, in NEO Manager, click the Setup menu and choose Reset KeyWords Pupils.
  • In the KeyWords SmartApplet on NEOs, use the Teacher Options to re-set your preferences for sequential lessons, pre-test/post-test levels, shift key requirements, Home Row confirmation requirements and spacing between sentences.
  • On the KeyWords tab in NEO Manager, delete any students who will not be using KeyWords in the new year.
  • Import your new KeyWords students from Renaissance Place, and add your new students to NEO 2s.
  • Have your technology/computer coordinator do the following:
    • Check the version of NEO Manager that is available on the website and make sure each computer is using the latest version; if not, download and install the latest version.
    • Make sure that the Renaissance Receivers are connected to the computers where they will be used, and make sure you have assigned a unique name to each Renaissance Receiver network and that you have set the Renaissance Place address. For more information, see the NEO User Manual.