School Summary Report

This report summarises year and class performance in KeyWords lessons on NEO 2s. The classes that are included depend on your role in the program. Only school network administrators, school administrators and teachers can view this report.

For each class, the report includes the number of students in each class and averages for all lessons tested and the last lesson completed. For all lessons tested, the report includes the average number of lessons completed (and the percentage of the total available lessons) as well as the number and percentage of lessons passed out of those taken. For the last lesson completed, the report includes the average targets for words per minute and errors and the actual average performance for words per minute and errors. The report summary includes the totals of the above for all the KeyWords RP classes in the school.

When you generate the report, you can choose these options:

  • The reporting time period (by marking period or custom date range)
  • How to group information on the report (group by year or class)
  • Whether to print the report options you chose on the report itself