Setting Up Renaissance Place Real Time in Preparation for Using KeyWords RP

Before you synchronise KeyWords data from NEOs with KeyWords RP and Renaissance Place, you need to make sure your schools, courses, classes, teachers and students have been entered into Renaissance Place.

Make sure your student names in Renaissance Place are identical to the names that you use in KeyWords on the NEOs to make matching the names easier when you synchronise KeyWords data with Renaissance Place. The easiest way to do this is to add the students to Renaissance Place first, then import them into NEO Manager on the KeyWords tab. You can then add those students to KeyWords on the NEO 2s by entering their user names and passwords. For more information, click Manuals in the top right corner of any KeyWords page and select the KeyWords User Manual on the Manuals and Tips page.

When you add classes, be sure to tick the KeyWords box for the products that the class will use.

Click the links below to find out how to do these tasks in Renaissance Place:

Once you have completed these tasks in Renaissance Place, you can use NEO Manager to synchronise the KeyWords data on your students' NEOs with the data in KeyWords RP.