Student Record Report

This report shows a history of each student's work on KeyWords lessons using the NEO. It includes the lesson names, whether or not that lesson was passed, the student's target for words per minutes and errors, the student's actual words per minute and errors on the lesson, the accuracy and speed builders completed and the date the lesson was submitted (that is, the date that NEO data was synchronised with Renaissance Place). For pre-tests and post-tests, the passing information, the targets and the accuracy and speed builders are not included because they do not apply to pre-tests and post-tests.

When you generate the report, you can choose these options:

  • Which classes or students to include
  • Which reporting parameter group to include (allows you to select students by school enrolment date, ethnicity, gender, language, characteristics or year)
  • The reporting time period (by marking period or custom date range)
  • Whether to include a page break after each student