Synchronising KeyWords Data from NEO 2s with KeyWords RP in Renaissance Place

By following the steps below, you can bring KeyWords data from student NEOs into Renaissance Place so you can use KeyWords RP reports. Before you do this, you must add your KeyWords courses, classes, personnel and students. To synchronise KeyWords data with Renaissance Place, you will need to have the NEO Manager program on your computer; this program comes with NEO.

KeyWords RP reports show detailed information about your students' progress on KeyWords practices, lessons and tests on NEO 2s.

  1. Students connect their NEO 2s to the SmartOption trolley, which should be connected to your computer. Start NEO Manager on your computer. As NEO Manager launches, it searches for each connected NEO and collects data from the NEOs, including KeyWords work. See the NEO User Manual for more information.
  2. Click the KeyWords tab in NEO Manager.
  3. Click Synch with RP.
  4. Enter the URL (or server name or IP address) for the Renaissance Place server you will be using; then, enter the user name and password for the server. If you have synchronised with RP before, click one of the options to decide whether to automatically synch students you have already matched or to use the full wizard to change previous matches of KeyWords students with Renaissance Place students. Click Next >.
  5. If this is your first time synchronising or you chose to use the full wizard, click the school that needs data synchronised. Then, click Next > and go to the next step.
  6. If you have synchronised before and chose to automatically synchronise students with RP in the previous step, a message will appear telling you how many students were successfully imported into Renaissance Place. Click Done and do not go on to the steps below.

  7. Tick the boxes for the Renaissance Place classes that have students with KeyWords data to synchronise. Click Next >.
  8. Now, match the KeyWords student names from NEO 2s with Renaissance Place student names so their KeyWords data is imported correctly. To do this, click the matching names in the KeyWords and RP columns to the left; then, click Match >>. Repeat this for each student. If you need to unmatch names, click the names in the Matched Pupils column and click << Unmatch. When you have finished matching students, click Next >.
  9. Note: If any students on the NEO 2s were left unmatched, KeyWords will notify you. Click Yes to continue or No to stay on this panel and try to match the students.

  10. A message will appear telling you how many students were successfully imported into Renaissance Place. Click Done.