Viewing the Assignment Book

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

School Network Administrator, School Administrator and Teachers

You can view the Assignment Book to see the progress of (a) individual students or (b) your class as a whole. You can also assign levels to students; print flash cards and worksheets; put levels on hold or reset them to their previous state; edit the mastery time for the levels; print reports; add, remove or reorder the levels; copy the level order between your classes; or transfer student data from another class.

  1. On your Home page, select MathsFacts in a Flash, then Assignment Book.
  2. If necessary, select a school and class from the drop-down lists.
  3. The Assignment Book page lists the students in the class you chose. For each student, you can see the level currently assigned, the number of practices and tests the student has completed in that level, the date of the last session and the number of levels the student mastered so far.

    If a student's last session date is three or more days old, the session date displays in bold, indicating that the student has not worked in MathsFacts for a while.

  4. To see information about a specific student, select the student's name.
  5. This page lists the levels the student has been assigned. For each level it shows the number of tests and practices the student completed, the date of the last session and the mastery time (if the student has mastered the level).

    To view the Student Details for another student, select the Student drop-down list and choose the student.

    To exit, select Return to Assignment Book along the left side of the page.