What are Benchmarks?

Benchmarks are levels that students must master by a target date. Administrators choose the target date and levels. The Benchmarks Preference is the only school preference in MathsFacts in a Flash.

Note: All users can view the Benchmarks Preference page, but only school network administrators and school administrators can edit the benchmark levels.

School network administrators and school administrators can use the default benchmark levels and target date or select different levels and set a different date.

Note: The use of benchmarks is optional, but highly recommended. The Summary Dashboard uses Benchmark data, which gives you a high-level overview of your students' performance. To open the Dashboard, go to the Renaissance Place Home page and select Summary Dashboard under Dashboards and Reporting.

Benchmarks Set for Mastery Table

The Benchmarks Set for Mastery Table shows the benchmarks set for your school. This table appears on the Set Level, Hold/Reset, Edit Mastery Time, Add/Remove Level and Reorder pages.

Default Benchmarks

The default Benchmark Target Date is 01 April.

The years shown are the years available to the school. The maximum is Nursery through 13. By default, benchmarks are assigned to years 1-13.

  • Year 1: Multiplication by 2
  • Year 2: Review: Division by 5, 10
  • Year 3: Alternate Forms: Division by 3, 4, 6
  • Year 4-13: Review: +, -, ×, /, conversions