Best Times

Once students master a level, they can re-test at that level to try to improve their completion times (best times).

Best times are different from Time Targets.

Students can challenge best times if they are working:

  • in MathsFacts in a Flash RP
  • with a NEO 2 (using the MathsFacts in a Flash RP SmartApplet)

Students cannot challenge best times:

  • with a NEO 2 (using the MathsFacts in a Flash offline SmartApplet)
  • in Renaissance Home Connect
  • on a Responder

Time Targets are:

  • five decreasing time targets that your students can achieve on tests
  • defined using the Time Targets preference
  • separate from the mastery time that you set for the levels
  • shown (that is, the results of the tests your students take at the various time targets) on the Student Progress Report
  • available to students only if you have enabled Time Targets