Student Capacity and MathsFacts in a Flash

The student capacity determines how many students can use MathsFacts in a Flash within the subscription year.

The student capacity was set when you purchased the software subscription.

Each student who has practiced or tested in MathsFacts in a Flash at school counts toward your student capacity. Students cannot practice or take a practice test in Renaissance Home Connect until they have first worked in MathsFacts in a Flash at school.

For teachers and administrators, alerts display on the Home page when (1) you are near your student capacity limit and (2) when the student capacity limit has been reached.

Students who try to work in the program for the first time after your student capacity limit has been reached will be notified of that and they will not be allowed to work.

You can purchase an increase to your student capacity limit. For more information, contact Renaissance Learning.

It may take up to 24 hours for the capacity county to reflect the change after students have been un-enrolled from a school.