Getting Started with MathFacts in a Flash

When you first start using MathFacts in a Flash, and at the beginning of each school year, you should do the following after your classes and students have been set up in Renaissance software:

  1. In the MathFacts in a Flash Assignment Book, add or remove levels as needed to set the levels that your class can work on.
  2. Next, determine the level that each student should start on.
  3. Set the starting level for each student.
  4. If necessary, edit the mastery time for students and levels. To master each level, students must answer all problems correctly on a test, and the time they take to finish the test must be at or below the mastery time that you set.
  5. Check the MathFacts in a Flash preferences to see if any changes are required. Teachers can set:
  6. Administrators can set benchmark levels for each year and the target date for mastery of those levels.

  7. Get a list of your students' user names and passwords and give them to students to they can log in and do the work.

You may have additional setup tasks depending on what you and your students will use:

Assignment Book

The Assignment Book shows you information about the levels your students are currently working on and the number of levels each student has mastered.

If necessary, use the School and Class drop-down lists to choose the school and class.

Displaying More Information in the Assignment Book

To see the name of a level (when you are working with multiple students in the Assignment Book and are editing mastery times, setting, holding or resetting levels), move your mouse over a level number and leave the cursor there for a few seconds.

To see what a symbol means, move your mouse over the symbol and leave the cursor there for a few seconds.

Manage Levels

  1. Go to the Assignment Book for the desired class.
  2. The remaining steps depend on what you want to do:

View Student Details

In the Assignment Book, select a student's name to go to the Student Detail page and see the following:

  • A list of the levels on which the student worked
  • The number of practices and tests taken in each level along with the date of the last session
  • The student's mastery time for the level (if the level was mastered)

Stop a Practice or Test

Once a practice or test starts, you can stop it at any time by:

  • Windows: Press Ctrl+A or select Stop Practice or Stop Test.
  • Macintosh: Press control+A or select Stop Practice or Stop Test.
  • Tablets: Select Stop Practice or Stop Test.
  • NEO 2s, using the MathFacts in a Flash RP SmartApplet: Press ctrl+A or press /cmd+A.
  • NEO 2s, using the MathFacts in a Flash (offline) SmartApplet: Press applets.
  • Responders, using either MathFacts in a Flash Renaissance Place or MathFacts in a Flash Offline: Press Menu.

Depending on the setting in the Authorisation Password Preference, you may be asked to enter the authorisation password to confirm that you want to stop the practice or test in Windows, Macintosh, NEO 2s (using the MathFacts in a Flash RP SmartApplet) or Responders (using MathFacts in a Flash Renaissance Place). You are not asked for the Authorisation Password when stopping an offline practice or test on a NEO 2 or Responder, or when using a tablet.

Using a Tablet with MathFacts in a Flash

Note: Students can use tablets (seven inches or larger) to do MathFacts in a Flash work through either MathFacts in a Flash Renaissance Place at school or Renaissance Home Connect. Students would go to the Renaissance Place or Renaissance Home Connect address in a browser, just as they would at a computer.

Transfer Student Data

See Transferring Student Data from One Class to Another. Only data on the levels that a student has mastered can be transferred.

Printing Reports

To print reports from the MathFacts in a Flash Reports page, see Viewing or Printing Reports.

To print reports from the Assignment Book, see Printing Reports from the Assignment Book.

Using Renaissance Home Connect with MathFacts in a Flash

Students can use MathFacts in a Flash to see their progress and to practice levels at home. Note that students cannot master levels using Renaissance Home Connect; levels can only be mastered at school. For more information, see:

To give students and parents the information they need to log in to Renaissance Home Connect, print the Informational Letter.