MathsFacts in a Flash Work in Renaissance Home Connect

Practising and testing in Renaissance Home Connect is very similar to working in MathsFacts in a Flash at school.

Be sure to review Things to Remember When Practising and Testing.

  • Renaissance Home Connect uses a different web address (URL) than the web address used by Renaissance Place. The Renaissance Home Connect Informational Letter (a Renaissance Home Connect report) contains the web address (URL). This letter is meant to be shared with parents and students.
  • Practice summaries from the work students complete in Renaissance Home Connect can be displayed on the Class Progress Report and the Student Record Report.
  • Students cannot practise or test in Renaissance Home Connect until they have first worked in MathsFacts in a Flash at school.
  • Students practise in Renaissance Home Connect.
  • A student cannot master a level in Renaissance Home Connect. The student must meet the mastery criteria on a MathsFacts in a Flash test taken at school before the program will mark the level as Mastered.
  • While Renaissance Home Connect will display information about the student's last session in school, none of the data on the student's work in Renaissance Home Connect will be available in the MathsFacts in a Flash Assignment Book at school.
  • Students answer the problems by using the mouse or tapping to select an answer. Students cannot use the keyboard to select an answer.
  • Unanswered problems in Renaissance Home Connect are always marked as incorrect.
  • TOPS Reports are not generated after a MathsFacts in a Flash session taken in Renaissance Home Connect.
  • Parents and guardians can have Renaissance Home Connect progress updates sent to them via email. The address must be approved or added to the home email account's list of contacts.