Adding or Removing Levels

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

School Network/Program Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

When MathsFacts in a Flash was installed, all of the maths facts levels were installed with the software. If you do not need some of the levels for your class, you can remove them.

Removed levels can be added back.

You cannot remove a level if any of your students are currently working on it (the level would show the Working symbol for the students). If you remove a level, all student work on the level is lost, as well as any changes you have made to the level's mastery time.

The Benchmarks Set for Mastery Table shows the benchmarks set for your school. For more information, see Editing the Benchmarks Preference.

To Add or Remove Levels

    1. On the Home page, select MathsFacts in a Flash, then Assignment Book.
    2. If necessary, select a school and class from the drop-down lists.
  1. On the left side of the page, under Manage Levels, select Add/Remove.
  2. The Add/Remove Level page opens. All the levels are listed.

    Next to each level, a symbol shows the status of the student's work on the level. Hover your mouse over the symbol to see what it means.

    You cannot remove a level with the Working status.

  3. To add a level, tick the box by it.
  4. To add all the levels, tick the box by the Select column heading.

    To remove a level, remove the tick mark from the box.

    If the list of levels is longer than the limit set in the General preference, select Next >> and << Previous to move through the list.

  5. Select Save.