Before Students Practice or Test on a NEO 2

The NEO 2 uses two SmartApplets. These SmartApplets allow students to practice and test using a NEO 2. The practice and test results are sent to MathsFacts in a Flash RP via a Renaissance Receiver.

Before students can practise or test in MathsFacts in a Flash on NEO 2s, make sure the following have been completed:

  1. Install NEO Manager. See the NEO 2 Quick Guide for instructions.
  2. Connect the Renaissance Receiver to your computer.
  3. Name the Renaissance Receiver.
  4. Set the Renaissance Place address for the Receiver.
  5. In Renaissance Place, make sure your students have been added to the database and enrolled in a MathsFacts in a Flash class.
  6. Make sure students know their user names and passwords. You can see and print a list of student user names and passwords in Renaissance Place. You may also contact your school administrator or school network administrator.
  7. Set the Classroom and General Preferences for your class.
  8. If you have younger students, explain how the problems and answers are displayed on the screen and how to use the arrow keys to select answers.
  9. Review Things to Remember When Practising and Testing.
  10. Make sure students know the difference between the two MathsFacts in a Flash RP SmartApplets.
  11. The MathsFacts in a Flash RP SmartApplet can be used for both practice (practice problems and practice tests) and testing (to master levels).

    The MathsFacts in a Flash Offline Smart Applet can only be used for practice (practice problems and practice tests).