Sending NEO 2 Offline History to Renaissance Place

Students or teachers follow these steps to send the practice and practice test history to MathsFacts in a Flash Renaissance Place.

The history is automatically cleared when you send it to Renaissance Place.

The history will be sent to the Renaissance Place address that you set in the Renaissance Wireless Server Utility.

In MathsFacts in a Flash RP, you can see the practice data in the Class Progress Report and Student Record Report, if you choose to include the practice summary.

  1. Be prepared to provide students with their PINs. You can see and print a list of student user names, passwords and PINs in Renaissance Place. You may also contact your school administrator or school network administrator.
  2. Then, give the students their PINs. Students use their PINs when sending the history to Renaissance Place.

  3. Turn on the NEO 2 by pressing on/off.
  4. Press the applets key.
  5. Use the arrow keys to highlight MathsFacts in a Flash (offline); then, press enter.
  6. Use the arrow keys to highlight History. Press enter.
  7. Use the arrow keys to highlight Send to Renaissance Place; then, press enter.
  8. The first time you send the history to Renaissance Place (or print it), your NEO 2 will search for the networks that are within range.
  9. Networks are Renaissance Receivers connected to computers.

    Then, you will see a list of Renaissance Receivers within range. Use the arrow keys to highlight the Receiver you want to connect to; then, press enter.

    If you have connected to a Renaissance Receiver before, you will be asked whether you want to stay connected to the Receiver you chose. To continue with this Receiver, press Y for yes and press enter. If you need to choose a different Receiver, press N for no, then enter.

    You can rename a receiver.

  10. The next screen will remind you that the history is cleared from this NEO when you send it to Renaissance Place.
  11. If you want to continue, press Y for yes. Then, press enter.

    If you don't want to go on, press N for no. Then, press enter.

  12. Next, enter your MathsFacts in a Flash PIN.
  13. Teachers who are following these steps enter the PIN for the appropriate student.

    Press enter.

  14. The NEO will notify you when the history has been sent and cleared. Press enter.