NEO 2 Tips (MathsFacts in a Flash RP SmartApplet)

  • During practices, students may enter incorrect answers. How incorrect answers display depends on the Student Answer Input Preference.
  • If the preference is set to Mouse, Arrow Key or User Defined, the program draws an X over the incorrect answer and draws a dashed box around the correct answer.

    Then, it will give the student the chance to choose the correct answer and then move on to the next problem.

    If the preference is set to Open Ended, an X appears in the blank field. The correct answer then displays. Students enter the correct answer and move on to the next problem.

  • During tests, students can press esc or backspace to go back one problem.
  • If the time limit is almost up for a problem, practice or test, a clock will flash in the middle of the black bar at the top of the screen.
  • If students run out of time for the practice or test, the program will let them know.

    Time limits are set via the Time Targets Preference, the Time-Out Preference and/or the Mastery Time for a Level.

    Time Targets Preference: The default is: Enable Time Targets. Target 1 is 2 minutes, 0 seconds. Subsequent Targets decrease 15 seconds per target.

    Time-Out Preference: The defaults are: (1) Time-Out per Practice or Test: 10 minutes and (2) Time-Out per Problem: 30 seconds.

    Mastery Time for a Level: The default is 2 minutes and 0 seconds.

  • To stop a practice or test, press ctrl+A or cmd+A. If the NEO 2 asks for an authorisation password, the teacher must enter the MathsFacts in a Flash authorisation password.