Editing the Benchmarks Preference

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

School Network/Program Administrators, School Administrators

Note: The Benchmarks Preference is not a class preference and will not be copied when classes are copied from one year to the next.

To edit the Benchmarks Preferences:

  1. On the Home page, select MathsFacts in a Flash, then Preferences. The Preferences page opens.

  2. If necessary, use the School and Class drop-down lists (above the preferences tables) to select your school and class.
  3. Under the User and School Preferences, select Benchmarks.
  4. The Set Benchmarks page opens.

  5. To change the Benchmark Target Date, select the calendar button and select the desired date.
  6. The default Benchmark Target Date is 01 April. Benchmarks are designed to track student progress towards end-of-year targets. April 1 is the default target date because most schools take their end-of-year standardised tests in April or May.

  7. To change the Benchmark for a specific year, select the drop-down list in the Benchmark column for the year and select the desired level. The years shown are the years available to the school. The maximum is Nursery through 13.
  8. Year 1: Multiplication by 2

    Year 2: Review: Division by 5, 10

    Year 3: Alternate Forms: Division by 3, 4, 6

    Year 4-13: Review: +, -, ×, /, conversions

  9. To save your changes and return to the Home page, select Save.
  10. To restore the default settings and return to the Home page, select Default.

    To return to the Home page without saving any of your changes, select Cancel.

Benchmarks Set for Mastery Table

The Benchmarks Set for Mastery Table shows the benchmarks set for your school. This table appears on the Set Level, Hold/Reset, Edit Mastery Time, Add/Remove Level and Reorder pages.