Things to Remember About the Problem Format Preference

  • The default is Horizontal.
  • The Problem Format Preference affects what students see using
  • MathsFacts in a Flash RP (computer or tablet)

    NEO 2s using the MathsFacts in a Flash RP SmartApplet

    Renaissance Home Connect (computer or tablet)

  • The Problem Format Preference does not affect what students see using
  • Responders

    NEO 2s using the MathsFacts in a Flash (offline) SmartApplet

  • Some levels use only Horizontal.
  • For a list of the levels, see Levels That Use Only Horizontal. These levels use only Horizontal (even if Vertical or Combination is selected as the problem format).

  • Once you have made a student an exception, that student will not be affected by the class setting for the preference, unless you remove the student from the exception list.
  • For details, see Copying Classes from the Previous School Year in the Renaissance Place help.