Editing the Time Targets Preference

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

School Network/Program Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

Note: School network staff and school staff can view the setting, but they cannot change it.

The Time Targets preference allows you to define five decreasing time targets that your students can achieve on tests. These targets are separate from the mastery time that you set for the levels. You can see the results of the tests your students take at the various time targets by printing the Student Progress Report.

The default is Enable Time Targets. Target 1, two minutes, zero seconds. Subsequent targets decrease 15 seconds per target.

This preference affects

  • MathsFacts in a Flash Renaissance Place (computer or tablet)
  • NEO 2 using the MathsFacts in a Flash RP SmartApplet

This preference does not affect

  • NEO 2 using the MathsFacts in a Flash (offline) SmartApplet
  • Responder
  • Renaissance Home Connect (computer or tablet)
  • All classroom preferences are copied (Mandatory Practice, Authorisation Password, Problem Format, Question Type, Time Targets, Time-Out and TOPS Report).
  • Exceptions to preferences are not copied.
  • What is an exception to a preference? Two preferences (Problem Format and Question Type) allow you to set the preference for all of the pupils in a class and also set it individually for one or more pupils. When you set one or both of these preferences for an individual pupil, it is known as an exception.

  • When copying classes, your school can also choose to copy the assigned teachers, assigned products and enrolled pupils.

For details, see Copying Classes from the Previous School Year in the Renaissance Place help.

To edit the preference:

  1. On the Home page, select MathsFacts in a Flash, then Preferences. The Preferences page opens.

  2. If necessary, select a school and class from the drop-down lists (above the preferences tables).
  3. Under Class Preferences, select Time Targets.
  4. The Time Targets page opens.

  5. On the Time Targets Preference page, make your selections.
  6. Note: Time Targets are separate from the mastery time set for a level.

    If you do not want your students to work toward and achieve time targets on tests, remove the tick mark from the Enable Time Targets box.

    To change the time targets, leave the tick mark in the Enable Time Targets box.

    Change the Minutes and Seconds for each of the five time targets. You must enter them in decreasing order (Target 1 must be the longest time target and Target 5 must be the shortest).

    Select the Minutes and Seconds fields for each of the five time targets, delete the existing number and enter the time targets you want to use.

    To return to the default setting (time targets enabled starting at two minutes and decreasing by 15 seconds for each subsequent target), select Default.

  7. Select Save.