Installing the Necessary Software to Use MathsFacts in a Flash

For the most up-to-date software, hardware and operating system requirements for Renaissance Place, visit:

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Network Staff, School Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

If any programs need to be installed or updated, contact your school's IT Department/ICT Support. When programs are installed, the programs must be installed so all users of the computer can access the programs. Your school's IT Department/ICT Support can tell you if you have the rights or permissions required to install software for all users.

To view and/or print reports, manuals, and other documents, you will need a PDF viewer (such as Adobe Reader).

  • Whenever anyone tries to view or print a report, manual or other document, a PDF viewer must be available (such as Adobe Reader).

    To install Adobe Reader, use one of the following methods:

    • Downloads Page (see below)
    • On the bottom of the Reports page, select Get Adobe Reader. You will go to a site where you can download Adobe Reader.
  • The Renaissance Wireless Server Utility must be installed for MathsFacts in a Flash to use NEO 2s and Renaissance Responders with a Renaissance Receiver to communicate with Renaissance Place.

    The Renaissance Wireless Server Utility is a program that:

    • Allows communication between the hardware pieces (Renaissance Receivers, NEO 2s and Responders) and the software pieces (MathsFacts in a Flash and Renaissance Place)
    • Allows you to set the Renaissance Place URL.

    The Renaissance Wireless Server Utility is automatically installed as part of the installation of any of the four programs listed below. For more information, see Renaissance Wireless Server Utility.

Downloads Page

  1. Go to the Downloads page.
  2. There are two ways to reach this page:

    1. Open your web browser and go to the Renaissance Place welcome page.
    2. Select Check Software Requirements.
    3. Proceed to step 2, below.
    1. On the Home page, select Product Administration.
    2. Select Download Supporting Software.
    3. Proceed to step 2, below.
  3. To see which Renaissance Place and third party downloads are available or required, select Downloads.

For more information, see the Help in Renaissance Place (Checking Software Requirements).