How to Set the Renaissance Place Address (URL) for a Receiver

Before students can practise or test in MathsFacts in a Flash using NEO 2s or Renaissance Responders, you must set the Renaissance Place Address (URL) for the Renaissance Receiver.

This is especially important if your school has more than one Receiver.

Use the Renaissance Wireless Server Utility to set the Renaissance Place Address (URL). The Renaissance Wireless Server Utility is automatically installed with NEO Manager.

Make sure you have installed NEO Manager before you follow these steps. See the NEO 2 Quick Guide for instructions. Select Manuals in the upper right corner of any page in the program. (On the Home page, select ?, then Manuals.) The NEO 2 Quick Guide is listed under MathsFacts in a Flash, as well as other programs.

  1. Start the Renaissance Wireless Server Utility:
    • Windows computers: Right-click in the lower-right corner of your computer screen (the system tray) and choose Manage from the menu that appears. If you do not see this icon in your system tray, select Start > Programs > Renaissance Wireless Server > Renaissance Wireless Server Utility.
    • Macintosh computers: In your computer's Applications folder, open the Renaissance Wireless Server folder. Then, double-click Renaissance Wireless Server Utility.
  2. Select Start, if necessary.
  3. To log in, type 1234 and select OK.
  4. This is the default Administrator PIN.

    If you have changed the PIN, enter your new PIN.

    1. Select the Server Settings tab.
    2. Select Set Administrator PIN.
    3. Enter the new pin.
    4. Enter the new PIN again, to confirm.
    5. Select OK.
  5. Select the Server Settings tab.
  6. Enter the Web address or IP address for the Renaissance Place server that has MathsFacts in a Flash installed.
  7. If you do not know the address you can:

    1. Open Renaissance Place. You do not have to log in.
    2. On the Login page, select Check Software Requirements.
    3. Select Downloads.
    4. Copy the address shown beside "Server Name/IP Address" or the RPID shown beside "Renaissance Place ID" and paste the address or RPID into the empty field.
  8. To make sure the utility recognises this as a valid address, select Verify.
  9. If it does, you will see "Verified" at the bottom of the dialog box.

    If it does not, check the format of the examples to see if you need to make any changes. You can also verify that the address matches the address identified via "Check Software Requirements, Client Application Software: Server Name/IP Address" (step 5, above). Then, select OK.

  10. When the program verifies that the settings were changed successfully, select OK (again).