Parent Report

The Parent Report presents information about a student's work in MathsFacts in a Flash for his or her parents or guardians.

Each student's report is printed on a separate page.

  • the name of the class, teacher and student
  • the level the student is currently working on
  • a list of the levels the student has mastered, along with the date each was mastered
  • signature lines for the teacher and parent (optional)
  • Teachers: students in the teacher's classes
  • School administrators: students in any classes in their school
  • Program administrators: students in classes in any school
  • which students or classes to include
  • which reporting parameter group to use (this allows you to include students by school enrolment date, ethnicity, gender, language, characteristics and/or year)
  • which reporting period to include (a predefined or custom date range)
  • whether to include signature lines for the teacher and parent