Student Record Report

The Student Record Report shows individual student progress on each level that the student has worked on.

  • Teachers: students in their classes
  • School administrators: students in any classes in their school
  • School network administrators: students in classes in any school
  • the student's name
  • class
  • teacher
  • year
  • the name and number of each level mastered
  • the date the student first started working on the level
  • the date the level was mastered (along with a calculation of the number of school days it took to master the level)
  • the number of practices and tests the student took to master the level
  • the lowest actual time and lowest time target mastered
  • the date
  • accuracy and time for the last test
  • the time target
  • the number of practices and tests completed
  • total number of levels the student has mastered
  • average number of days it has taken the student to master a level
  • average number of practices and tests the student has taken per level
  • Which students or classes to include
  • Which reporting parameter group to use, if any (this allows you to include students by school enrolment date, ethnicity, gender, language, characteristics and/or year)
  • Which reporting period to include (a predefined or custom date range)
  • Whether to insert a page break after each student
  • Whether to include a Practice Summary of work completed in Renaissance Home Connect and/or NEO 2 and Renaissance Responder.
  • Whether to sort by level or date mastered.
  • Whether to show only the mastered objective section of the report (if the Only display the Mastered Objective section box is ticked, only students that have mastered at least one level will appear on the report)
  • Whether to print a list of the selected options on the report. The list appears on the first page of the report, under Report Options. By default, this box is ticked.