Things to Remember About Responder

Students can use Renaissance Responders to practice their maths facts.

Students can also send their practice history to MathsFacts in a Flash Renaissance Place so that the practice history can be included in these reports.

Please note these differences between the work completed on MathsFacts Responders and work completed in MathsFacts in a Flash RP:

  • Students cannot master MathsFacts levels using Responders. Students use Responders to practise and take practice tests.
  • Students can practise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on Responders. All other work should be practised in MathsFacts in a Flash RP.
  • Changes to your MathsFacts in a Flash RP preferences or to the mastery time for levels do not affect MathsFacts Responders.
  • Problems on MathsFacts Responders are always assisted-response.
  • Each Responder saves a total of 50 practices or practice tests. Once the limit of 50 is reached, the oldest result is deleted to make room for the newest. We strongly recommend that you regularly send results to Renaissance Place and/or clear the stored items from the Responder.

The firmware determines what type of MathsFacts work your students will be able to do.

For more information, see Responder Model, Firmware Versions and Updates.

To do MathsFacts in a Flash work, your students need Responder (RES-1001) using firmware version 2.51. Note: Offline MathsFacts in a Flash work only.

The Responder communicates with MathsFacts in a Flash RP via a Renaissance Receiver.

For more information, see What is a Renaissance Receiver.

You can see and print a list of student user names and passwords in Renaissance Place. You may also contact your school administrator or school network administrator

There is one MathsFacts in a Flash program used with Responders.

MathsFacts in a Flash Offline

  • Students can only use this program to practice MathsFacts in a Flash.
  • Notes:

    For MathsFacts in a Flash work, the Renaissance Responder can be used only for offline work. For more information, see MathsFacts in a Flash Offline on Responder.

MathsFacts in a Flash work completed on Responder is not tracked in the Assignment Book.


Students can send their offline work history to MathsFacts in a Flash Renaissance Place.

If the work history is sent, it can be tracked by two reports:

For both reports, teachers can choose to include Practice Summaries for offline work students did Responders, NEO 2 and Renaissance Home Connect.