What is a Renaissance Responder?

Practices and practice tests taken using the Renaissance Responder do not count toward a level mastery.

Renaissance Responders are hand-held, portable devices that students use to practise their maths facts.

The Renaissance Responders can be used

  • to communicate with MathsFacts in a Flash RP (via a Renaissance Receiver)
  • independently (not actively connected to MathsFacts in a Flash RP)

Students can use Renaissance Responders outside of the classroom/range of a Renaissance Receiver.

Students use Renaissance Responder to practise their maths facts. Students cannot master MathsFacts levels using Responders.

  • For more information about using Renaissance Responders with MathsFacts in a Flash, refer to the 2Know! Classroom Response System Installation and Set-up Guide.

    To view this document:

    1. Select Manuals in the upper-right corner of any page in Renaissance Place. (On the Home page, select ?, then Manuals.)
    2. Under MathsFacts in a Flash, select the name of the document.

  • Two MathsFacts in a Flash reports help teachers track work completed by students using Renaissance Responders:

    For both reports, teachers can choose to include Practice Summaries for Renaissance Home Connect or Renaissance Responder and NEO 2.

    For the Class Progress Report, teachers can choose to include students with or without data.

  • Renaissance Responder PIN

You can see and print a list of student user names, passwords and PINs in Renaissance Place. You may also contact your school administrator or school network administrator