Clearing the MathsFacts History from a Responder

If students are sharing Responders, clear the history after each session.

To clear (delete) the MathsFacts in a Flash practice and practice test history from this Responder:

  1. From the main menu, use the arrow buttons to highlight MathsFacts History.
  2. Press Select or Enter.

  3. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Clear.
  4. Press Select or Enter.

  5. The Responder will ask if you are sure that you want to clear the MathsFacts History.
  6. The Responder also notifies you if the history has not yet been sent to Renaissance Place or printed.

    You cannot get the results of your work back once you clear the history.

    If you want to clear the history, press yes (True).

    If you do not want to clear the history, press no (False).

    Press Select or Enter.

    After you clear the history, you'll see the message "MathsFacts History Cleared".

    Next, the Responder will show the menu.

Levels that students have already worked on will no longer be ticked when they select activities after you clear the history.