Printing the Responder MathsFacts in a Flash History

Note: If you want the student's information (student name or ID) included in the printed history, you must enter the information in the Responder Settings under Student Information.

To print the practice and practice test history of a Responder:

  1. From the main menu, use the arrow buttons to highlight MathsFacts History.
  2. Press Select or Enter.

  3. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Print.
  4. Press Select or Enter.

  5. If the Responder asks whether to stay connected to a specific Receiver, press yes (True) or no (False).
  6. Press Select or Enter.

    If the Responder shows a list of Receivers, use the arrow keys to highlight the correct Receiver name. Press Select or Enter.

  7. The history will be sent to the default printer for the computer that is connected to the Renaissance Receiver.
  8. When the history has been sent, the Responder will ask you whether you want to clear (delete) the history. Press yes (True) or no (False).

    Press Select or Enter.