Tasks Performed by Teachers

Teachers can

  • view student information
  • work in the Assignment Book for their classes
  • print reports
  • set class and user preferences
  • print resources


  • The availability of these features depends on the capabilities that have been granted to the teacher.
  • If a teacher has questions about his or her user name, password, courses, classes or enrolled students, the teacher should contact the school administrator.
  • At this time, Renaissance Place has not been optimized for use on tablets or mobile devices by teachers. Teachers may be able to successfully connect, but they may have unexpected results when viewing screens or performing tasks.

Renaissance Place Tasks

Renaissance Place is the portion of the software used to add, edit or delete school years, schools, students, personnel, courses and classes (and other administrative tasks).

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To find out more about the Renaissance Place tasks that teachers can perform, use the search field at the top of this help page. In the Contents, you can also select the Other Products tab and then select Renaissance Place on that tab to see the Contents for the Renaissance Place help.