Transferring Student Data from One Class to Another

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network/Program Administrators, School Administrators and Teachers

Follow the steps below to transfer students' data for MathsFacts in a Flash assignments from one class to another.

Before you transfer a student's data, you must un-enrol the students from the original class and enrol the students in the new class.

You must transfer data after importing students to ensure that the students' assignment data will be available in reports.

Keep in mind that the data you transfer will only be visible on pages for the new class if the new class is using the same levels as the old class. Data from the old class will only be included in reports for the new class if the old class data falls within the timeframe (marking period) for the new class.

  1. On the Home page, select MathsFacts in a Flash, then Assignment Book. The Assignment Book page opens.

  2. If necessary, use the drop-down lists to choose the school and class.
  3. Tick the box next to each student who needs data transferred. Tick the Student box in the column heading if you want to choose all the students on the page.
  4. Select Transfer Student Data on the left side of the page.
  5. The Student Data Transfer page shows you the students who have data that can be transferred into this class.

  6. This page will show you the students who have data that can be transferred into this class.
  7. For students who have data that can be transferred, the page will show the original (old) class name the students were enrolled in.

    The program may show students who do not have data that can be transferred. This happens when the student (1) is still enrolled in the old class or (2) has not yet worked in the program.

    All of the classes are ticked by default. Remove the tick mark from the box next to any class that you do not want to transfer data from.

    If a student has mastered a level in more than one class, choose the level with the fastest mastery time to copy.

  8. Select Transfer to transfer the data and go back to the Assignment Book.