Parents and MathsFacts in a Flash

TOPS Reports can be printed, sent home with students and parents can sign and return the report.

The Parent's Guide to MathsFacts in a Flash helps parents and guardians understand the MathsFacts in a Flash work that their child may be doing.

Renaissance Home Connect is a web-based program that allows students, parents and guardians to actively monitor student progress from home. Renaissance Home Connect provides information about MathsFacts in a Flash.

  • Progress at school: Last mastered level, list of the levels mastered at school, current benchmark level, and details about the last test taken at school.
  • Progress at home: Details about the last test taken at home, including the level name and percent correct, the time it took to complete the test, the time goal (if any)and incorrect problems (if any).

For parents, guardians and students to access Renaissance Home Connect, your school network administrator must:

  • Check the Renaissance Home Connect setup and activate Renaissance Home Connect for the schools that have Accelerated Reader Enterprise, Accelerated Maths Enterprise, or MathsFacts in a Flash.
  • Make sure the parent knows the Renaissance Home Connect web address.

This address is available in the Renaissance Home Connect Informational Letter.

Parents, guardians and students share the child's user name and password.

You can see and print a list of student user names and passwords in Renaissance Place. You may also contact your school network administrator. This information is available in the Renaissance Home Connect Informational Letter.