What Is MathsFacts in a Flash?

MathsFacts in a Flash, Renaissance Place (RP) Edition software is a program students use to practice essential math skills.

It may be used with

MathsFacts in a Flash is used for mastering computational fluency. It enables teachers to give students, at all skill levels, valuable practice on their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other maths facts.

MathsFacts in a Flash helps you individualise teaching and student work in your class.

What you can expect from MathsFacts in a Flash:

  • Allows you to maintain levels for each student
  • Scores students' work immediately after completing a practice or test
  • Allows you to view the results of practices and tests after the student completes the practices and tests
  • Timed tests allow you to evaluate students' level and/or progress
  • Tells you the levels students have mastered and which level students are currently working on