Adding Classes

Before you add classes:

  • Add the courses that the classes will be in if they do not already exist. (Note that unlike classes, courses stay in the software from year to year, so they do not need to be added every year.)
  • The school year that you are working in appears next to your name in the upper-right section of most pages (except the Home page). If you are not working in the correct school year, go back to the Home page, click School Years and click Work in a Different School Year.

  • It is helpful to have your marking periods set up. When you add classes, you select the marking period that reflects the duration of the class (or the entire school year).
  • If you have already set up the same classes in a previous school year, you can copy those classes instead of adding them manually again.
  • You may be able to import classes instead of adding them one by one.

Follow the steps below to add classes to courses.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Network Staff, School Administrators, School Staff

If you are a school administrator and you are assigned to more than one school, on the Home page, select your name and then select Change Role to choose the school you want to work with before following these steps.

  1. On the Home page, click Courses and Classes.
  2. If you see a School drop-down list, choose the school that needs classes added.
  3. On the Courses and Classes page, do one of the following:
    • If you know the course does not have the class yet, click Add Class in the row for that course.
    • If you do not know whether the class is already there, click the course name first to see a list of classes. If the class is not there, click Add Class on the page that shows the course information.
  4. On the Add Class page, enter the class information:
    • Class Name: A class name is required.
    • Primary Teacher: You must select a primary teacher before you can save the class.
    • Marking Periods: Choose the time period during which the class takes place: one of the marking periods added in Renaissance Place or the entire school year.
    • Products: Tick the products that the class will use (or click Select All to tick all products). Students in the class can only work with the products that you select. You must select at least one product.
  5. Click Add Students to search for and add students to the class.
  6. If you save a class without students, the class will be on the Incomplete Classes tab.

  7. On the Add/Remove Students page, search for the students that you want to enrol in the class. You can enter the first name, last name and/or ID in the blank fields on the right ( below) to search for individual students, or select a year without entering other information if you want to find all students in the year. Then, select Search to see the results. Only students in this school will be found.
  8. In your search results, tick the box next to each student that you want to enrol in the class (see above). To select all students in the list, tick the Student box at the top of the list.
  9. If the list of students in the search results is long, it will be split into multiple pages. Select Next >> () above the results to go to the next page or << Previous to go back.

  10. Click < Add at the top of the search results () to enrol the ticked students in the class. The students will be added to the list on the left, but their names will be in bold so that you can see which ones will not be in the class until you save your changes.
  11. If you decide to remove some of the students from the class, click Remove next to the students you want to remove (), or click Remove All to remove all of the students from the class.

  12. Click Continue to finish adding students and to go back to the Add Class page.
  13. To finish adding the class, click Save. (If you do not want to save your changes, click Cancel instead.)
  14. After you add a class, you can add additional (team) teachers who may need to see the class.

If you click Cancel, but you have made changes to the class (including changes to the students in the class), an Unsaved Changes window will open. If you want to save the changes you made, click Save; if you want to leave the page without saving any changes (including changes to the students), click Do Not Save. To stay on the page, click Cancel.

If your new class name is the same as an inactive (deleted) class name, the Duplicate Class Found page will open. This page will give you the opportunity to activate the deleted class (by clicking Activate). If you activate a deleted class, you will be asked whether you want to activate the class name only (Only) or all records (All Records), including the assigned teachers and enrolled students.