Adding Courses

Courses are programs of study; you must add courses before you can add the classes in which you will enrol students. Course are linked to schools, but unlike classes, courses stay in your database from year to year until you delete or change them.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Network Staff, School Administrators, School Staff

Follow the steps below to add courses to a school. (If you can export your course information from other software, you may be able to import the courses instead of adding them one by one.)

If you are a school administrator and you are assigned to more than one school, on the Home page, select your name and then select Change Role to choose the school you want to work with before following these steps.

  1. On the Home page, click Courses and Classes.
  2. Click Add Course.
  3. Enter the information about the course:
    • School: School network personnel or the RP administrator must choose the school(s) for the course. To choose one school, use the drop-down list. To choose more than one, click Select Multiple Schools, tick the schools that need this course added and click Save.
    • Course Name: Enter or change the course name (required).
    • Subject: The subject is not required, but it can identify the purpose of the course. Use the drop-down list if you want to select a subject.
    • Intended Year: The year is not required, but it can help you identify the purpose of the course. In the Intended Year drop-down list, N means Nursery, R means Reception, None means no year has been assigned, N/A means Not Applicable (a year does not apply to this course) and 13+ means the course is for students beyond year 13.
  4. When you have finished entering the course information, click Save and Add if you want to add more courses or Save if you want to add just this course.
  5. If you decide not to add the course that you have entered, click Cancel.

    If you have added a course to multiple schools, click Done when the program notifies you that the course has been added.

If your course name matches one that already exists for the school(s):

If the course name matches one that has been deleted, the Duplicate Course Found page will open. This page will show you the information for the new course you are adding and the existing course in the database. You can activate (restore) the old course by clicking Activate. If you activate a deleted course, you will be asked whether you want to activate the course name only or all records (including the classes in your school years, their assigned teachers and their enrolled students).

The course will not be added for any school that has a course with a matching name, even if the matching course has been deleted and is inactive. The page that opens next will list the schools for which the course has not been added.