Setting the Data Editing Restrictions Preference

If you are using some method to synchronise this database with another one, the system administrator or school network administrator should use the Data Editing Restrictions preference to restrict editing in Renaissance Place or to warn users who edit data. We recommend that you restrict editing in these circumstances. To keep the Renaissance Place database in sync, all changes should be made in the primary database.

The warnings or restrictions in this preference affect anyone who tries to edit information about the school network, school, courses, classes, students, personnel or school years.

Only the school network administrator or administrative user can change this preference. (The administrative user is the default user who is in the database when Renaissance Place was set up for you.)

Who can do this with default capabilities?

System Administrators, School Network Administrators

  1. On the Home page, click Product Administration.
  2. Click Set Data Editing Restrictions Preference.
  3. The Set Data Editing Restrictions Preference page lists several types of data stored in the Renaissance Place database. For each type of data, you will see three options:
    • OK: This means that staff can add, change or delete this information in Renaissance Place with no restrictions or warnings.
    • Caution : This means that the warning symbol will open on all pages with links that allow staff to add, edit or delete this information. The symbol warns those who change the information that their changes may be overwritten by the external source of data. When the symbol appears next to links (not on tabs), your staff can click the symbol to see more information.
    • No edits : This means that staff will not be allowed to add, edit or delete this type of information. Links to these tasks will be inactive, and the symbol will appear next to the inactive links. When the symbol appears next to links (not on tabs), your staff can click the symbol to see more information. All updates to this information should be done in the database that is the source of the update.

  4. When you have finished choosing an option for each type of data, you can click Save to save the setting, or click Cancel to cancel without saving your settings.