Inactive Records

When you delete records of courses, classes, personnel and students, you can choose whether to delete them permanently. If you do not delete these records permanently, they remain in the database, but they are not readily accessible. These are inactive records.

Student records can also become inactive when the student is not assigned to a school. Personnel records do not become inactive when the person is not assigned to a school or the school network, but like inactive records, they are not available in searches unless you choose to include deactivated/un-assigned personnel.

When you search for personnel, inactive records will not be included in your search results unless you tick the Show Deactivated/Un-assigned Personnel Records box. When you search for students, you can include inactive student records by choosing Students Not Enrolled in a School in the School drop-down list. For school personnel, choosing these options will only find personnel or students who were previously in your school.

There are two ways to make inactive records active again:

  • For courses, classes, personnel and students, you can add a new record with the same name as the old one. When you try to save the new record, the Duplicate page will open. Use this page to choose to activate the old record.
  • When viewing personnel and students, you can include inactive personnel records or un-enrolled students when you perform a search. You can then select the person or student whose record is inactive.
    • You can make a personnel record active again by clicking Reactivate Personnel, Reactivate Personnel Record or Activate Personnel Record in this School on the View Personnel page.
    • You can make a student record active again by enrolling the student in a school.