User Names and Passwords

Personnel and students are assigned user names and passwords when they are added to the software or imported into the software.

Finding student user names and passwords:

  1. On the Home page, click Users.
  2. Click View Students.
  3. Select a school if you have the School drop-down list. Then, select or enter information about the students you want to find. You can select just the school to see all students in the school, or you can select a year or class or enter information about a specific student. Then, click Search.
  4. Detailed instructions for searching for and viewing students

  5. In the search results, click the Passwords tab to see student user names and passwords.
  6. Note: The NEO 2 or Responder PIN is used for students who do MathsFacts in a Flash offline practice on NEO 2s or Renaissance Responders and who send their results to Renaissance Place.

    You can print information if you would like by clicking to the right. (If more than 50 students are in the results, click to go to the next page of results or to go to the previous page; you can print one page of results at a time.)

    If you want to print all results and choose grouping and sorting options, click View PDF instead. Then, choose the options you prefer and click View Report. To save or print the list, use the Adobe Reader buttons or the options available in your PDF Reader.

    For security and data integrity reasons, we do not recommend printing out user names and passwords.

Personnel user names and passwords:

For personnel, you can see the user name when you view the person's information, but you cannot see personnel passwords in the software or in any reports for security reasons. If you are not sure what a person's password is, you can edit that person's information and set a new password.

Personnel can also reset their own password if they forget it or retrieve their forgotten user name, but only if they have previously entered their email address on the Login Settings page and verified the address.