Renaissance Place Licence Agreement

Once a year (or whenever the terms of the licence change), users at the administrator level will be presented with a notice on the Home page that they must view and accept the terms of the Renaissance Place Licence Agreement. They will be provided with a link to view the Renaissance Place Licence Agreement; on the licence page, they can choose to accept or decline the agreement.

If an administrator-level user does not accept the agreement within 30 days after the alert first appears, the alert will appear on the home pages for school network staff, school staff and teachers. At least one user in the school network or school must agree to the licence agreement.

  1. On the Renaissance Place Home page, under the Alerts, click View and Accept the Licence Agreement.
  2. Read the agreement, and then choose whether to accept it. Then, click OK.
  3. To leave the licence page without making any choice, click Cancel.