Resuming an Import

If at any point during an import you halt the process by clicking Save and Exit, the information and options you have entered up to that point will be saved. A saved import can be resumed within 30 days of the original date it was saved on. (Even if the import is saved, restarted on a later date, then saved again, the 30-day limit is calculated from the original save date, not the subsequent one.) After 30 days, the import will have to be started over again.

  • A school administrator can resume an import saved by any other school administrator in that school.
  • A school network administrator can resume an import in any school in the school network, regardless of who began it.
  • If a school network administrator resumes an import that was saved by a school administrator and chooses a different school to import the data into (on the School Options page), the saved import will no longer appear on the View Import Status page when a school administrator at the first school opens it.

To resume an import:

  1. Click View Import Status under Related Student Tasks on the Personnel and Students page.
  2. The Import Status window shows you the status of all imports started or finished within the past 30 days.
    • To continue an import from the point it was stopped at, click Resume.
    • To cancel the import, click Cancel this Import.
    • If you would rather import data without resuming a saved process, click Done. You will return to the first page of the Import Wizard.