Searching for a Student's User Name

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Network Staff, School Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

When a student wants to log into Renaissance Place but cannot remember his or her user name, you can perform a search for it. Note that you cannot search for passwords, only user names.

The ability to search for a student's user name is a security feature that may be turned off.

  1. Click I am a Student on the Renaissance Place Welcome page.
  2. Click Forgot Your User Name?.
  3. If you see a page where you can choose the school the student is enrolled in, click the name of the school and click Next >.
  4. Enter the student's first and/or last name in the appropriate blank fields and click Search. (You do not have to enter the entire name; the software can perform partial matches.)
  5. A list of students who match the search criteria you have entered opens.
    • If the student is listed, click the student's name.
    • If the student is not listed, click < Back to go back and enter search data again.
  6. When you have chosen a student's name, you will be returned to the student login page, with the student's user name already filled in. Enter the student's password and click Log In.