Tour of the Home Page

When you first log in to Renaissance Place, you will see the Home page.

To choose a product to work in, select the product name (such as Accelerated Reader); then, select a link in the popup menu.

If you have a Renaissance-U icon, you can select it to access professional development through self-paced online tutorials and activities.

The Dashboards and reports give you a way to quickly get an overview of how your school(s), classes, and students are performing.

Below the Dashboards, you will see the management icons. The ones that are available (and the tasks available when you click them) depend on your role (teacher, school staff member, school administrator, school network staff member or school network administrator).

Use these icons to do the following (depending on your capabilities):

  • Users: Add, change, or view information about students or personnel and to unlock accounts.
  • Courses and Classes: Add, change or view information about your courses and classes.
  • School Years: Choose to work in a different school year or add, change or view information about your school years, marking periods and non-teaching days.
  • School Network and Schools: View or edit information about your school network or schools.
  • Product Administration: View subscriptions and capacity for your products, download client software to install on computer, set restrictions for data editing, define user rights/capabilities, set the number of times users can enter an incorrect password before being locked, restrict the computers that students can use to access the software and manage live chat support.
  • Renaissance Home Connect: Set up Renaissance Home Connect or print information for parents so that students and parents can see the students' progress and complete some work from home.

If you belong to more than one user group, or you are assigned to more than one school, select your name in the top right corner, then select Change Role from the menu.

For help, select ?, then:

  • Select Help to open a help page related to the software page you are viewing.
  • Select Manuals to access products' software manuals and technical manuals.

Select the live support icon to chat with a member of our support staff.

Select the home icon to return to the Home page.

At the bottom of the page, you will see Alerts (if there are any) and Did You Know articles.

Alerts let you know when there is new information about your software or if it needs administrative attention (for example, if your subscription needs to be renewed). There are three kinds of alerts: General Information (), Action () and Immediate Attention ().

Did you know? articles provide information about program features and resources to help you use the software more effectively.