How Personnel Retrieve a Forgotten User Name

Personnel who have forgotten their user name can follow these steps to retrieve it. Note that these steps will only work for personnel who have previously entered their email address on the Login Settings page and verified the email address.

  1. On the Renaissance Place start page, click I am a Teacher/Administrator.
  2. On the Teacher/Administrator login page, click Forgot Your User Name or Password? below the Log In button.
  3. On the next page, click Forgot Your User Name? below the User Name field.
  4. Enter your email address (the one that you previously entered on the Login Settings page); then, click Next.
  5. An email will be sent to you. (This may take a few minutes.) Your user name is in the email. Back on the Teacher/Administrator login page, sign in with your user name.

If you cannot use the Forgot Your User Name or Password link, your software administrator can find your user name by viewing your information.