School Network Staff Capabilities

The school network staff group includes all school network personnel who are not administrators.

Curriculum director, chief education officer, educational psychologist, gifted/talented director, library/learning resource centre (LRC) manager, other school network staff, personnel director, reading specialist, secretary-school network and special education director.

School network staff have these capabilities by default:


Determines Who Can...

Content (most tasks done by Renaissance Learning)

Manage Content Manage content, such as quizzes or libraries.
View Content View content, such as quizzes or libraries.

School Network and School Information

Manage Schools Edit schools.
View Schools View information on schools in the school network.

School Years, Marking Periods and Non-Teaching Days

Manage School Year School network personnel with this capability can add, edit or delete school years.
Manage Marking Periods and Non-Teaching Days Add, edit, copy or delete marking periods (such as terms) and non-teaching days. Marking periods are used for reports and target setting. Non-teaching days are used for some report calculations. School network personnel can manage marking periods and non-teaching days for any school.

Courses and Classes

Manage Courses and Classes Add, edit, copy and delete courses and classes, or add and remove students and team teachers in classes. School network personnel can do this for any school.
View Courses and Classes View course and class information. School network personnel can view the information for any school.

Personnel Information

Manage Personnel Add, edit or delete personnel information. School network personnel can do this for the school network or any school.
View Personnel View personnel information.

Student Information

School Network-Level View of Student and Personnel Information View student and personnel information in all schools (not just schools to which they may be assigned). Only users who should see information for all schools should be granted this capability.
Manage School Enrolment Enrol or un-enrol students in schools. School network personnel can enrol students in any school.
Manage Students and Class Enrolments Add students, enrol students in classes, edit student information and characteristics, manage custom characteristics in the database and delete students from the database. School network personnel can do these tasks for any school. This does not include the ability to import, export or merge student information.
Manage Student Data Permanently remove and recover student records. Note: School network administrators and school network staff have this capability by default. However, users with this capability need the Manage Student and Class Enrolments capability as well so that they have access to the Edit Multiple Students page, where they can permanently remove student records.
View Students and Class Enrolments View student information, including class enrolment.

Class Work

School-Level Access Access all classes in all Renaissance Place products.


School Reports View reports for individual schools and their teachers, classes and students.
Teacher Reports View reports for an individual teacher's classes.
Filter Reports by Characteristics Limit reports to students who have been assigned specific characteristics in Renaissance Place.
Filter Reports by Ethnicity Limit reports to students with specific ethnicities, which are set when you add students or edit their information.

Software Preferences

View School Preferences View school-level preferences for any Renaissance Place product.
View Default Capabilities View the capabilities given to new users in each group. Capabilities for existing users may be different. School network personnel can view capabilities for school network personnel and personnel in any school.

School network staff also have other capabilities related to specific products.

These capabilities can be added for school network staff:

  • You can use this preference to prevent users from editing data that is automatically updated from a school information system database.

  • Schedule when the software consolidates data from all products for Consolidated reports.

  • Add or remove capabilities (rights) for any group in the software.

  • Add, edit or delete the time periods used on Renaissance Place consolidated reports.

  • Set or change information about the school network.

  • These capabilities let you manage or view the current settings of school network-level or school-level preferences. School network-level preferences include those listed on the Product Administration page. School-level preferences are on each product's Preferences page.

  • Merge duplicate student records into one record.

  • Export students for any available school, teacher, year, class or student.

  • Import student information into any school.

  • Print reports for the school network level.

  • Manage class work in Assignment Books or Record Books, such as student assignments, targets or class reports. The View Classroom capability lets you view class activity.

Some capabilities that are intended for other groups are not available to school network staff.