Printing Star Early Literacy Reports

Reports give you more information about your classes, students and teachers as well as student test scores, diagnostic information and growth information.

If you do not have a PDF reader,

  1. Go to your Home page and select Product Administration.
  2. Select Download Supporting Software.
  3. Select Downloads, then select Download in the row for PDF Reader (under "Third-Party Downloads").

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Network Staff, School Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

To print Star Early Literacy reports, follow these steps:

  1. Select Star Early Literacy on the Home page, then select Reports.
  2. If you have access to more than one school, use the School drop-down list to select the school for which you want to print reports. Only schools that have registered Star Early Literacy will be listed; if only one school is registered, the drop-down list will not be available.
  3. On the Select Report page, choose the report name:

    • If the report cannot be customised, the report will generate as described in step 4.
    • If the report can be customised, the Report Options page opens and you can customise the report to include the information you need. When you are finished, select View Report.
  4. As the program generates your report, the Report Progress page will open. When Star Early Literacy is finished generating the report, it will open in Adobe Reader, or your default PDF reader. Use the controls in the reader to save or print the report.

    To select another report, choose Select a Different Report on the View Report page.

    If the report is customisable and you want to change the options you have selected, select Customise this Report.

    Note: When you generate reports, a PDF file for each report may be stored on your computer, either in your temporary Internet files or your default download location. (On Macintosh computers, this location may be your computer's desktop.)