Cut Scores, Benchmarks and Benchmark Structures

Several of the Star Maths reports use cut scores, benchmarks and benchmark structures to identify students who are having difficulty.

  • A cut score is a converted Percentile Rank (PR) score.
  • Cut scores that are chosen as targets for students to meet or surpass are benchmarks.

    • School benchmarks are targets that apply to every student in a school (each year has its own benchmarks).
    • School network benchmarks are targets that apply to every student in a school network.
    Each type of benchmark can have different values; for example, school benchmarks may be set higher than school network benchmarks. One of these benchmarks can be chosen as a default benchmark (to be used in situations where a benchmark is required but one has not been chosen).
  • The number of categories, the category names and the minimum proficiency level chosen create a benchmark structure. There are four default categories, but the number of categories in the structure can be changed from two to five.

    Category Description Default Cut Score
          At/Above Benchmark (green) Students meeting or exceeding the benchmark score At/Above 40 PR
          On Watch (blue) Students slightly below the benchmark score Automatically calculated as the range between "At/Above Benchmark" and "Intervention"
          Intervention (yellow) Students below the benchmark score Below 15 PR
          Urgent Intervention (red) Students far below the benchmark score Below 6 PR

Click one of the following links for instructions on how to change the number of categories in the structure and the cut scores and benchmarks that define them.

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