Testing Password Preference

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

  1. Click STAR Maths on the Home page, then click Preferences.

  2. On the Preferences page, select your school and class from the drop-down lists in the Classroom Preferences section if necessary .

    The current setting for the Testing Password Preference will be shown in the Current Setting column of the table . (Default settings: the authorisation password is ADMIN, and it is required for all classes.)

    • School network administrators and school administrators can choose All School Classes from the Class drop-down list to see how many classes in a school have passwords required: all, none or some (along with the number of classes; for example, "Authorisation password required for 6 of 39 classes"), and if any of the passwords in place were defined by teachers. School network administrators and school administrators can also check the preference setting for a specific class by choosing the class from the Class drop-down list.
    • Teachers can only view or change this preference for their own classes. On the Preferences page, the Class drop-down list will allow them to choose All My Classes or a specific class that they are the lead teacher for.
    • If All School Classes (or All My Classes) is chosen from the Class drop-down list, the current authorisation password will only be displayed in the Current Settings column if it is the same for all classes.
  3. Under Classroom Preferences, click Edit .

  4. On the Classroom Preferences page, change the preference settings:

    • Tick the Authorisation box if you want the test monitor to enter a password before a student can start a test. The authorisation password is meant to be used by the person who is supervising students as they take the test. By entering the authorisation password, the test monitor confirms that the students should be allowed to test and that the student has not accidentally logged in as another student.
    • If you require an authorisation password, you can change the default authorisation password (ADMIN ) to one that you want to use. A password defined by a school network administrator or school administrator will always override one defined by a teacher.
  5. Click Save .

If you are requiring the authorisation password, make sure all test monitors know the password.

You cannot substitute another password (such as your Renaissance Place password) during the test.

Even if an authorisation password is not required to start a test, it is always required to stop or resume a test.