Setting a Default Benchmark: School Administrators and School Staff

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Administrators, School Staff

The default benchmark is the benchmark that is used throughout Star Maths. In some places (such as the Screening Report options), you are allowed to choose different benchmarks to use—if no choice is made in these situations, the default benchmark will be used.

The following instructions assume that you are a school administrator or school staff member, and that a school network administrator or school network staff member has given you the option to choose the default benchmark for your own school.

  1. Click Star Maths on the Home page, then click Screening, Progress Monitoring & Intervention.

  2. Select a school from the School drop-down list . Then, click View Benchmarks in the grey sidebar .

    If you cannot click View Benchmarks, the selected school does not have any screening dates. Make sure you see the name of the school you want to work with in the School drop-down list.

  3. On the View Benchmarks page, click Edit Default Benchmark .

  4. On the Set Default Benchmark page, choose one of the benchmarks listed to serve as the default:

    School benchmarks: All years in your school will use the school benchmark as the default.

    School network benchmark: The school network benchmark will be the default for all years in your school.

  5. To save your changes, click Save .
  6. To leave this page without saving changes, click Cancel .