Instructional Planning - Class Report: Groupings Page

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Network Staff, School Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

Printing an Instructional Planning - Class Report is a two-stage process. On this page, you choose some preliminary options to select the data that will be used in the actual report. You will be given an opportunity to preview the report with the selected data, and you can change the selection before proceeding.

  1. Select Star Reading on the Home page, then select Reports.
  2. Select your school from the School drop-down list, if necessary.
  3. On the Select Report page, select Instructional Planning - Class.
  4. On the Instructional Report Groupings page, select the options you want to customise for this report:

    Use the Teacher and the Class or Group drop-down lists to choose a specific class or group of students you want to show on the report. This option is similar to the "Select Students" or "Select Specific Students | Classes | Groups" option on other reports, except that a teacher must be selected first and the class or group must be one that belongs to that teacher.

    The Teacher drop-down list is only available to school network level administrators, school network staff, school level administrators and school staff; teachers can only create this report for their own classes.

    Choose which benchmark will be used for report calculations: the School Benchmark, the School Network Benchmark or England KS2 SATs.

    "England KS2 SATs" is one possible name for the benchmark. If the benchmark has been customised for other areas, the name may be different but the procedures described here will remain the same.

    Select Legend to see a key for the available benchmarks.

    Enter a testing end date, either by typing one in or using the calendar button. Assessment results on Star Reading tests taken between this date and 30 days prior to this date will be used when printing this report.

  5. Select Update to see how the options you have chosen affect the data in the table at the bottom of the Instructional Report Groupings page.

    • If there are more than 50 students in the table, it will be broken to multiple pages; to move between pages, select << Previous or Next >> .
    • Initially, the number of Instructional Groups shown will match the number of available benchmarks; use the Instructional Groups drop-down list to change the number shown (from 2–5).

      Assign students to instructional groups by selecting the circle at the intersection of a row with the student's name and the column for a group.
    • Students who have no Star Reading assessment data for the time period chosen will appear at the bottom of the table.
  6. You can see a preview of the report as it would appear with only these preliminary options chosen.

    • To skip the preview, select Next > .
    • To see the preview, select Preview Report .

      After you have finished looking at the preview of the report, either

      • Select Return to Instructional Report Groupings to change the preliminary options you have chosen or
      • Select Customise this Report to view the report (go to step 7).
  7. On the Report Options page, select View Report to view the report.

  8. Star Reading will generate the report. When it is ready, the report will open in Adobe Reader or your default PDF reader.

Note: After you have finished looking at the report, you can choose

  • Select a Different Report to choose a different report or
  • Customise this Report to reprint this report with different options.