Adding or Editing Screening Dates

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Network Staff, School Administrators, School Staff

Star Reading uses three default screening dates for Screening Reports:

  • Fall (September 1–September 15)
  • Winter (January 1–January 15)
  • Spring (May 1–May 15)

These dates can be edited, and more screening dates can be added, up to a maximum of 10 for the school year.

  1. Click Star Reading on the Home page, then click Screening, Progress Monitoring & Intervention.

  2. Select a school from the School drop-down list . Then, click View Screening Dates in the grey sidebar .

  3. On the Edit Screening Dates page, you can make the following changes:

    • School network administrators and school network staff can choose All Schools from the School drop-down list to set the same screening dates for all schools in the school network at the same time.

      The following restrictions apply to editing and creating screening dates:

      • Screening dates cannot overlap.
      • Screening dates cannot range over more than 30 calendar days. It is best if the range falls within a single calendar month.
      • The names of screening dates cannot exceed 35 characters.

    • To change the name of an existing screening date, delete the current name and type in a new name.
    • To change the dates, click the Start Testing date and/or End Testing date for an existing screening date and type in new dates. You can also click the calendar buttons next to these fields to choose dates.
    • To add a new screening date, click Add Screening Dates . A new row will appear in the table; add the information you want as described above. Once the limit of 10 screening dates has been reached, the Add Screening Dates link will not be available.
    • To remove a screening date, click Remove at the end of a row for a screening date . It is possible to remove all of the screening dates (including the three defaults), but if you remove all of them, you will be unable to create a Screening Report.
  4. Click Save to save your changes. The screening dates will automatically rearrange themselves by calendar date.

    Click Cancel to leave this page without saving your changes.